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miércoles, 30 de abril de 2014


           What are there the reasons to learn English? What do you expect of it? What are your favourite activities in the English Class?... We have asked these and more questions... and here you are the responses:

martes, 29 de abril de 2014

 World Book Day

On 23rd April we celebrate World Book Day in more than one hundred countries around the world. On World Book Day people buy books and read stories.
23rd April is the anniversary of the death of Cervantes, the famous Spanish author, and the death of Shakespeare, the famous English author.
In the class of 3º we have made a book mark to celebrate the Book Day. Let´s take a look!
Asier (8 years)

By Alberto
(8 years)
Nadia (8 years)

MY FAVOURITE FOOD (by Esther Rubio, teacher of English)


Most people know that “Fish and Chips” is a popular national dish in England as “Gazpacho” or “Paella” in Spain. In the English class we were talking about which food is popular in the other parts of the UK: Haggis in Scotland, Ulster Fry in Northern Ireland, Cawl in Wales and so on.

Also, we wrote about our favourite food. These are some examples made by the pupils of the 6º B.